Hikes, Leash Walks & More!

FlyDogs offers a number of services to help you maintain your dog's physical and mental health even when life gets busy! Training is super important, but we're also a firm believer in letting dogs be dogs! what better way to do that than a hike in the woods with their pals. We're here to help any way we can, let us take your dog on an adventure. 
*Flydogs services the sackville, beaverbank, bedford(inclduing larry Uteck & parts of Kearney lake road) & hammonds plains area.
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Regularly scheduled hikes are a great way to keep your dog physically and mentally fit, resulting in a happier, more balanced dog. This is not your typical walk around the block! 

We pick your pup up, hike them off-leash in the wilderness with their buddies, then bring them back home happy, tired and well exercised!


Groups are kept SMALL, so all dogs can be appropriately monitored while out&about. Hikes last approx. 1.5 hours. 

Who hikes the pups? Click HERE to learn more about Sarah! 

ALL DOGS attending group hikes must be used to being off leash and have basic off-leash skills. Sarah works to reinforce good things your pup offers and build new skills through positive reinforcement while your pup hikes! 


Dogs should enjoy the company of other dogs and be cool meeting others on the trail.This is important not only so your pup can have a good time, but so those we share the trails with can as well. 

All dog hiking clients should plan to commit to a minimum of one hike per week. 

Weekly Hikes:

1 hike/week: $25

2 hikes/week: $46 ($23/hike)

3 hikes/week: $66 ($22/hike)

4 hikes/week: $84 ($21/hike)

5 hikes/week: $95 ($19/hike)

For multi-dog pricing click HERE.

Please contact for information on how to schedule your meet & greet Or click HERE for more information on hike intrtoductions. 


* all prices are subject to tax.*

Off-Leash Wilderness Hikes 

Perfect for dog's who don't thrive in daycare or other group settings.


Awesome for those lower energy dog who just needs to get out!

Some training games are always included as a way to further enrich your dog's time with us! 

Who does all the leash walks? Click here to find out more about Sarah!

Neighborhood Walks:

30 minutes: $21.50

60 minutes: $38.50

90 minutes: $55.50

**all prices are subject to tax**

On-Leash Adventures 

For puppies and senior dogs alike! Most people work regular 9-5 jobs, sometimes that's just a little too long for our young puppies or senior dogs to hold it in! Luckily, we're here to help.

These check-ins last roughly 30 minutes and can include: 

Pee break 

Enrichment through brain games 

Lunch feeding 

Any medications that need to be administered

And lots of love! 

**Let out's can be customized depending on your dog's individual needs.**


1-3 per week: $17/visit 

4 per week: $60

5 per week: $70

*All prices are subject to tax. 

Sarah does all let outs, you can read more about her here. 

Let-Outs & Brain Games

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