Puppy Power Up: Puppyhood Basics

Start your relationship with your puppy off right! Learn how to build the foundation of a super relationship with your puppy. We use GAMES to focus on building concepts to help your puppy grow up to be a well adjusted adult dog. Although this course is a set program, it can be customized to your puppy's specific needs. This program is designed to be completed in SIX private in-home lessons. 

Appropriate for dogs 8 weeks+

What's to look forward to?

House manners foundations  

Focus games 

Relationship building games

Foundation games for fab off leash skills

Learning to LOVE to be handled (nail trims, grooming etc)  

Management to BOOST training 

Games to build confidence

$360.00 + tax 

Unleash the Beast: Off-Leash Reliability 

Build your dog's basic off leash skills! 8 private in-home and out&about training sessions to help you hone your basic off leash skills. 

What to look forward to? 

Focus foundations 

Learning to LOVE to stick close and check in often! 

Turn on a dime recall foundations 

Impulse Control that's fun! 

$480.00 + tax

Level Up Pup: Build Your Skills 

The recommended follow up to Puppy Power Up. This program continues to build your puppy's skills and keeps you on the right track through the adolescent stages! We start to tackle practical life skills and add in more complex concepts along the way. More games, more fun, more learning! Building your skills! 

What's to look forward to? 

Impulse Control that's fun! 

Practical Off Leash Foundations

Loose Leash Walking Foundations

Continuing to build concepts start in PPU!

$360.00 + tax

 Stick Close: Loose Leash Walking Foundation

Build your dog's loose leash walking skills. Build value for sticking close while teaching your dog to remain cool, calm and collected. Before, during and after your walks! 6 Private in-home lessons that tackle games to build your loose leash walking, combined with out&about lessons to hone your skills. 

What to look forward to? 

Building value for sticking close 

Calmness out&about, how it effects our dog's LLW skills 

$360.00 + tax

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